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Ho Ho Ho Here we Go - Christmas time is upon us!

Posted on Fri December 2, 2022.

For many of us, whenever it comes to this time of year, when the shops begin to adorn their windows and embellish their aisles in decorations, we ask ourselves that same question that we ask every November, “How is it Christmas time already?”

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The Palette & Palate Event At Mount High Country Estate

Posted on Wed September 29, 2021.

Ever wondered what the true meanings of ‘palette’ and ‘palate’ are? Well, instead of telling you, we’re blurring the definitions together when all things art and culinary converge over a two-day experience - exclusively made for the senses.

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A Foodie's Ultimate Mpumalanga Farm Stay

Posted on Tue May 11, 2021.

So you became a foodie during lockdown, swapping restaurants with recipes at home and watching Nigella on repeat? Or were you always "that friend" who'd order things few could pronounce and enjoy dishes with the flair of a Parisian whilst sipping scintillating wine. So now this next part may come as a surprise, but near the humble town of Lydenburg is a foodie's ultimate Mpumalanga farm stay few know about. At Mount High, we've recently added a Culinary Experience with the seasoned foodie or first-time cook in mind.

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