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  • A weekend getaway with two guest house accommodation options, situated on a game reserve near Lydenburg, Mpumalanga.

To do and See

The following activities are particularly popular for visitors to Mount High Luxury Country Lodge.

Mountain Biking

Mount High is a prime mountain biking spot, and there are a number of trails for keen cyclists to explore. Each of them promises spectacular views, and has a unique appeal for those that decide to venture out in the saddle.

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Game Drives

Game drives are conducted by trained, experienced guides that can offer valuable insights into the species that can be found here. These drives can be enjoyed in the early morning or evening, when many of the animals are out in search of food or water. A night game drive is a great option for visitors that want to witness some of the nocturnal species emerging, many of which can be rather elusive.

Hiking and Walking

Take advantage of the serenity and untainted beauty of Mpumalanga when you explore the farm and its surrounds on foot. Tackling the mountain paths may present more of a challenge than a simple stroll around the farm, but they are ultimately rewarding for those that want to breathe in the crisp mountain air and feel the warmth of the African sun on their backs. Always pack plenty of water, and apply a good quality sunscreen to all exposed areas to avoid getting a painful sunburn. Ensure that someone at the lodge knows the route you are taking, and that you have some means of communication (such as a mobile phone) on you.