Mount High

The exquisite setting in which Mount High is idyllically perched breathes a magical quality over the rolling mountains, infusing every aspect of the luxury country House with its gorgeous allure.

Beautifully nestled close to the fly-fishing centre of Lydenburg, Mount High is about immersing its guests in a tranquil escape from city living, high up in the mountains of Mpumalanga. In fact, this farm is no less than 1 600 metres above sea level, imbuing it with breath-taking vistas.

Feel the serenity overcome you as you breathe in the clean air of the South African countryside, hear the unmistakeable call of the fish eagles, and refresh body and soul against the backdrop of green, rugged mountains that rise to meet the high blue of the African sky.

Indulge in the gorgeous facilities and amenities of the Luxury Self-catering House Nyala, and its well-appointed suites; which make for the perfect romantic retreat, or a family weekend. Egyptian cotton linen, swimming pool, barbecue area, bar, and a satellite television combine to create a truly spectacular getaway; no matter the occasion.

Nyala House is perfect for four people (or four adults and two children). Which has its own top-notch amenities and charm. Sit back and relax, breath the air, let the stillness penetrates your very soul!

The Mount High Luxury Country House is situated on a working horse farm that is home to magnificent Arabian horses. The ethos of the owners dictates that these horses are given a place in which to graze at leisure, gallop over the plains, and enjoy their freedom. Meeting these horses and feeling the power of their insight and understanding as they gaze into your eyes is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that guarantees lasting memories.

The farm and its surrounds provide a multitude of things to do and see. There are many well-established mountain biking trails on the farm and in the mountains, as well as walking trails and hikes. Climb the mountains to see breath-taking views, and go on long game drives to witness first-hand and photograph some very exciting animal species.

Visitors can look forward to seeing an array of animal species during their time at Mount High. The farm itself is home to wildebeest, nyala and sable. This is also the natural habitat of the African vulture. Wildlife photographers are spoilt for choice with the abundance of African flora and fauna to be found here.

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“ a landscape of rugged beauty, where the stars rain down from the night sky, the stillness penetrates your very soul..."

“ is here below the mountains weathered by billions of years of wind and rain that you will find tranquillity of the deepest kind...” Author unknown