A Foodie's Ultimate Mpumalanga Farm Stay

Posted on Tue May 11, 2021.

So you became a foodie during lockdown, swapping restaurants with recipes at home and watching Nigella on repeat? Or were you always "that friend" who'd order things few could pronounce and enjoy dishes with the flair of a Parisian whilst sipping scintillating wine. So now this next part may come as a surprise, but near the humble town of Lydenburg is a foodie's ultimate Mpumalanga farm stay few know about. At Mount High, we've recently added a Culinary Experience with the seasoned foodie or first-time cook in mind.

Foodie Heaven Awaits in Mpumalanga 

In keeping with Nigella as our food inspiration, we live by her quote, "good olive oil, good butter, milk - they give food taste and depth and a richness that you can't reproduce with low-fat ingredients." 

We're situated on a farm far removed from the queues of supermarkets and convenience foods; our produce is sourced locally from farmers who certainly don't remove any of the natural whole fat goodness. Although we understand that some of our guests may be prepping for summer, we certainly can whip up dishes low in fat and full of flavour. 

We also encourage guests to walk through our healing garden, where we grow our own herbs and specific ingredients. When you dine with us, you're certainly getting an authentic taste of a Mpumalanga farm stay. 

Forget King or Queen, This Is A Culinary Experience Fit For Family

Our Culinary Experience can be added to any bookings made at our Manor House, with our Chef de cuisine Tippie and his wife Santie taking the lead. This power couple has over ten years of experience in the world of flavours. They're able to please even the fussiest of palates, so don't worry if there's a member of your party partial to substituting ingredients or claiming special dietary requirements. 

Chef Tippie is fluent in all styles of cooking - and prepping - so if you'd like to learn how to sharpen knives, make bread, roll pasta, or even debone a chicken, Mount High is where it's happening. It's up to you how long you'd like your add-on Culinary Experience to be because we know that no holiday is complete without hearty dishes. And yes, we have the fireplaces, pool tables, wine, G&Ts and infinity pool, but nothing brings people together quite like a farm-style plate of food.

Food For The Soul

How you want to experience Mount High is entirely up to you. Whether you want hands-on experience learning the tricks of the trade alongside a professional chef, or if you'd prefer to relax poolside while Chef Tippie curates your dish, our different Culinary Experiences suit every type of holiday vision. A stay with us promises much delight and food for the soul, that's for sure!